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Research suggests a 'Learner Profile' could be alternative to ATAR score, but what is it?

Sandra Milligan with Richelle Hunt on Afternoons,
ABC Melbourne

Why aren't more Australian students learning a foreign language?

Jo Lo Bianco with Fran Kelly on ABC RN Breakfast

Talkback: are a child's 'middle years' more important than we thought?

Sandra Milligan with Hilary Harper on Life Matters,

Jenny Chesters with Hilary Harper on Life Matters, 

Joseph Lo Bianco on ABC Radio National 

Foreign languages in schools 

Sandra Milligan on ABC Radio Melbourne

ATAR vs. Learner Profile 

Aaron Jarden on ABC Radio Melbourne

Wellbeing and creativity 

Shiralee Poed on ABC Sydney 

Disability Royal Commission 

Hernan Cuervo on ABC Radio Melbourne

Rural school education 

Peggy Kern on ABC Radio Melbourne

Meaningful work and fulfilment 

Yvette Slaughter on 3AW radio 

Native vs. studied speakers of languages

Aaron Jarden on ABC Radio Hobart  

Christmas Trees impact on happiness

Hernan Cuervo on Pulse FM Radio, Geelong 

Rural Youth and VCE exams 

Jared Cooney Horvath on ABC Radio Hobart

Holiday stress   

Larissa McLean Davies on ABC Radio Hobart 

Aussie literature in schools 

Chelsea Hyde on ABC Radio Melbourne 

ATAR results 

Hernan Cuervo on ABC Radio National  

Parents and children’s careers

Highlights included:

Jim Watterston on ABC Radio National

         Those who disappear

Jared Cooney Horvath on ABC Radio Sydney 

Tuning out unpredictable sounds

Erica Frydenberg on ABC Radio Melbourne 

Transitioning to secondary school

Jim Watterston on ABC Kimberley

Those who disappear

Gavin Slemp on ABC Radio Melbourne 

Job satisfaction 

Larissa McLean Davies on 3AW 

Recommended English texts and curriculum in schools

 Matthew Riddle on ABC Radio Melbourne

Children and false information

Terry Bowles on ABC Radio Brisbane &


School aged loneliness 

Peggy Kern on ABC News

Mobile phone ban in Vic Schools 

Megan O’Connell on ABC Radio 

Preschool teachers 

Lea Waters on ABC Radio Melbourne 

World Congress of Positive Psychology

Andrew Norton on Triple J (ABC) 

ATAR and the university entry system

Jon Quach on ABC Radio Sydney

Adapting to daylight saving